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Simple and inexpensive. Dargis Publications does not charge for every image scanned, every table, every link, or every hour. We know that the reason you want a web site made, is that you don't have the amount of time it takes to make one. Our pricing is easy to decipher.

The cost is $75 dollars per page for the basic package.

Basic Package
2 images scanned
Logo scanned
Design with your choice of graphic style
Custom graphics
Formatting your text into HTML
Hyperlinks to other websites, as many as you want
Registration in the five major search engines and meta tags for the web crawlers
Navigation system (menu, buttons, table of contents, etc)
Contact information including an email link
1 java counter
Tables if you want to include them
Music or sound at your request

Maintenance fee is $10 a month for simple changes. For larger changes we can quote you a price with the request. Or we can teach you how to make changes to your web page yourself so there would be no maintenance fee.

We can also make banners for banner ads and logos if you don't have one ($10)
Forms ($10)
Image Map ($30)
Writing the copy for your web page ($20)
Internet how-to help (negotiable)
Submitting site to 100 different search engines, including local directories. ($20)

Web Hosting
If your internet service provider doesn't include web hosting, we can set you up at SimpleNet for $45 and $12 a month. I can also see if there is any local web hosting that would meet your needs. If you want free web hosting Xoom and Tripod. If you want a personal page we can get you free homepages at Geocities.

There is also a $10 discount for referrals. Every person you send to me that purchases a web page is $10 in your pocket.

Ask us about special circumstances. We can also offer discounts for personal web pages or for non-profit organizations. If you have an idea on something to add, let us know so we can include it.

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