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A website is no help if people don't see it, just as a business without promotion won't be a business for long. Below are promotion and marketing suggestions for both your webpage and your business.

Web Site Tips, Promote your Website, Marketing for your Business
Web Site Tips

1. Keep it simple. If the website is difficult to maneauver, potential customers will get frustrated and leave. That includes very slow loading pages from too many graphics. I will be use Gif Wizard to shrink the file size but not the size of your graphics to make it faster loading. Image tags also make a page load faster. Java Script in excess not only makes pages load slower, but it doesn't work on all browsers. In fact, too much java script can crash some browsers. Frames are also not a good idea, as they seem to annoy too many people.

2. An ever changing page will keep the customer coming to your page. Update or have it updated as much as possible.

3. Make an offer or monthly special on your page.

4. Try to get visitors email addresses to use for further marketing. Ask for their feedback or opinion on something -your product, world events, or a poll of some sort. Follow up on the email list by sending new offers, useful information, holiday greetings, or anything that gives the customer something. People are too busy to read something just promoting your site. ListBot has free mailing lists for website owners.

5. Offer something free on your page- catalogue, sample, newsletter, product report, etc. Free stuff gives people a reason to come to your page and it also is a way to get those email addresses.

6. Always make sure they have a way to contact you. Put your email address on every page.

Promote your website

1. Put your URL on all coorespondance, business cards, letterheads, email signatures.

2. Submit your site to as many search engines as you can. Registration to the seven major search engines is included in the website fee for DP. If you want more, The Web Submitter has a $25 a year plan, that will submit your site to 350+ search engines and directories every month.
3. Trade links with other web site owners. Try to find sites that are related or similar to your site. Contact the webmaster about exchanging links. Most will say yes because they want to improve their web traffic, too.

4. There are many free newsletters for Web site promotion and marketing:

The VisualPromote Gazette
The Promotion World Informer- Put SUBSCRIBE in the body of your message
Emarketing Digest
Netrageous Siteings
Pau's Publicity Pointers
World Profit Worldgram
5. Some search engines use Meta Tags and Keywords. Dargis Publications puts the Meta Tags and Keywords on each page. It is time consuming but it is very important for search engine placement.

6. Announce your new site at these Announce Sites.
7. Create an award to give out to other sites, which they can link back to your site.

8. Add your email address and URL when involved in discussion lists or newsgroups.

9. Use an email signature. Most email programs will allow you to make a signature with your email address and URL. The signature will automatically attach to your email messages.

10. Announce your website with a press release.

Marketing Ideas

1. Go in with another business on ideas. We have an oil change place, here in Michigan, that gives coupons for a free car wash at the place down the street. And the car wash gives out coupons for money off an oil change.
2. The Top 7 Business is an email list which gives you 7 tips a day to help your business. From marketing tips to time management.
3. Place free Classified Ads
4. Put your ad on free bulletin boards at grocery stores, etc.
5. Have a mailing list for special interests. I've seen good-deed-a-day, daily expressions of love,and marketing idea a day. Get yourself into their mailbox daily.
6. Participate in the raffles at schools. You can raffle off your product or service.
7. Stay current!
8. Put out audio or video tapes of your product or service.
9. Conduct media interviews on your topic of expertise.
10. Give product or service demonstrations at various places.
11. Participate in trade shows.
12. Have a brochure of your company printed up.
13. Teach adult education classes in your area of expertise.
14. Give workshops.
15. Enter contests, winners get lots of publicity.
16. Give speeches on your expertise. Getting over the fear of public speaking is very helpful.
17. Write articles for newspapers and magazines.
18. Send out press releases with new information on your topic or business.

If you have any promotional or marketing ideas email DP at

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