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Here is the step by step process of making your web page.

1. Initial Consultation
This can be done either by email, in person or over the phone. We will work together with you to find exactly what kind of webpage you want. We can discuss the purpose of the web page, what kind of advertising you have already, the style you prefer (i.e. country, conservative, victorian, contemporary), what colors you like, etc. We can also help you understand the internet if you are not familiar with it.

2. Organizing the Material
You send the material: any graphics, logo, copy, and advertising material to include on the page.

3. Design and Programming
We will design a layout based on the consultation and materials, including:clipart, custom-made quickloading graphics, the navigational system, etc.

4. Proofread
We check the text, links, navigational system, white space and see if its easy to read.

5. Another Consulation
We will show your webpage to you to see if you like it and if there are any changes to be made.

6. Web Hosting
We will help you set up the web hosting and put up your page. We will locate the best web hosting for your webpage.

7. Promotion
We will promote your page by submitting them to search engines. I will also put Meta Tags and other coding for search engine robots. It will take about 2 to 3 weeks for your URL to show up in the search engines. We also suggest you add your URL to your email signature, and other coorespondence. Take a look at the Promotion page for more marketing ideas.

8. Maintenance
Small changes are covered in the $10 maintenance fee. Larger changes will cost $10 an hour.

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